HY-A Type high speed printing slot machine ( Lead Feeder)

Function and characteristic:

◆ The whole machine is adopted international famous brand appliances and computer software,the quality is stable and reliable .Man-machine interface, Multiset touch screen control ,computer order management, easy to operate.Replace the order faster (can be stored 999 orders in advance)

◆ Whole wallboard and important components are adopted aging treatment, eliminate the metal internal stress;Adopt high precision machining centers, CNC grinding machine for grinding processing.

◆ The machine shaft, roller are adopted high quality steel, grinding processing, high precision computer dynamic balancing correction and surface hard chromium plating.

◆ The engine drive gear is adopted 20CrMnTi alloy steel, carburizing,quenching treatment, hardness HRC5862 and gear grinding processing precision level 6, and ensured the long-term use of tinted with high precision

◆ Machine transmission parts (shaft, gear joint) are adopted free key connection (LOCKALX), the connection eliminate clearance. It is suitable for longterm high speed with high torque.

◆ The machine drive bearing ,important driving parts adopt Heavy-duty self-aligning bearing ,simple maintenance,long service life. (three big domestic famous brand:Hava los)

◆ The engine lubrication system is adopted automatic spray type lubrication, Equipped with automatic balancing device, keep the oil in every units at the same level.

◆ The machine is adopted adjustment preset functions, feeding , printing, slotting, diecutting, automatic zero resetting ,Separate and combine memory automatic reset.

◆ It adopts Working gap adjustment, rapid adjustment without wrench, quick performance and convenient adjustment..

◆ The main motor is adopted frequency conversion control.It makes start, running more steadily and saves more energy.

◆ There is lack of ink alarm device and the real-time monitoring for the ink working condition system .

◆ Optional: ceramic anilox roller, doctor blade and set ink system, stacking machine.

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