HY-A Type multicolor ink printing slotting machine

Function and characteristic:


◆ This machine adopts chain feeding type,bilateral side lay positioning,to ensure that feed paper


◆ Each unit uses electric to separate and combine,pneumatic locking, pneumatic lift plate,

automatic ink distributing,pneumatic brake fission positioning.

◆ Print and slotting adopts structure of planetary gear type,electric 360°adjustment,digital


◆ The lubrication way uses double oil pump,automatic spray,circulating oil supply,keep the

balance of the oil level,greatly improve the operation precision and the service life.

◆ The machine gear uses 45# steel,helical gear design,shaving uses high frequency quenching.

◆  The machine transmission uses cross slide block structure,adopts free key connection,remove the link

clearance,operate smoothly.

◆ The shaft and roller of the machine are all grinding processing,hard chromium plating.

◆  The machine electrical adopts the international famous brand,such as Siemens,Schneider.

◆ The machine bearing,adopts one of three domestic famous brands:”Hawa los”.

◆ The slotting unit adopt electric digital 360° adjustment,stop and start can be adjusted.

◆ Box height manually adjust,four knife synchronization.

◆ The length and width adjustment, the knife and the line pressing on the top and the bottom,the

paper cutter and the paper pressure rod,gauge pointers can be manually linkage shift,save the

time of order transformation.

◆  The machine is pneumatic combined control,has the function of counting,alarm,operation at the back

of the machine.

◆ The hanging plate is optional,anilox roller mesh can option 180-250 mesh.


The Machine technique parameter:

Model Max.paper

feeding size


printing size

The thickness

of the plate

Slotting width*Max.

slotting depth

Speed Min.paper

feeding size



YSK-A2000 1900*900mm 1700*900mm 4-7mm 7*220mm 80 300*600mm 300
YSK-A2200 2100*900mm 1900*900mm 4-7mm 7*220mm 80 300*600mm 300
YSK-B2400 2300*1250mm 2100*1250mm 4-7mm 7*300mm 60 350*600mm 405
YSK-B2600 2500*1250mm 2300*1250mm 4-7mm 7*300mm 60 350*600mm 405
YSK-C2600 2500*1470mm 2300*1470mm 4-7mm 7*350mm 60 400*600mm 480
YSK-C2800 2700*1470mm 2500*1470mm 4-7mm 7*350mm 60 400*600mm 480
YSK-D2800 2700*1600mm 2500*1600mm 4-7mm 7*400mm 60 400*600mm 530
YSK-D3000 2900*1600mm 2700*1600mm 4-7mm 7*400mm 60 400*600mm 530
YSK-E3000 2900*1800mm 2700*1800mm 4-7mm 7*450mm 50 450*600mm 600
YSK-E3300 3200*1800mm 3000*1800mm 4-7mm 7*450mm 50 450*600mm 600
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