Semi auto gluer machine

The semi-automatic pressure-bonding machine is newly developed according to the needs of small and medium-sized users. It has small volume and small footprint, and is easy to operate without experience. It is very suitable for the production of small batch products and the replacement of varieties; wide application range, ordinary carton, special color The single-page molding of the box can be attached to the bottom tray and the cover of the world after the automatic glue spraying device is installed; the glue is saved, the amount of glue is only 1/3 of the manual glue; the labor is manual, the maximum speed of the machine is 56. Meters/minute, the efficiency is 3-4 times of manual operation; the bonding is firm and neat, and the patented double-head sander can very well polish the adhesive part to remove the UV light film layer or the plastic film layer.

Improve the adhesion of the glue, and solve the problem that the carton factory can easily open the carton in some seasons. Due to the manual folding, the machine is also suitable for products with incomplete creasing lines, special shapes and open windows on the paper while improving the work efficiency.

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