SF-280S Fingerless type single facer

◆ Design speed: 100m/min.

◆ Effective width: 1400mm-1800mm.

◆ Arris roller: φ280mm.

◆ Drive reducer is oil-immersed to reduce noise, universal joint drive, and isolated power source.

◆ The upper tile roller, pressure roller and rubber roller are lifted and controlled by pneumatics.

◆ The paper guiding method adopts vacuum adsorption and air volume adjusting device to keep the corrugated type stable at high speed.

◆ The roller and pressure roller bearings are lubricated with high temperature grease.

◆ The rubberizing part adopts automatic circulation for glue.

◆ The upper and lower corrugated rolls are made of 48CrMo high-quality chrome-molybdenum alloy steel. After heat treatment, the hardness is ground on the surface of HRC58o-60o.

◆ The surface of the rubberized roller is textured and chrome-plated.

◆ Manual or electric rubber separator.

◆ The rubber coating unit can be operated independently or not independently. The main motor frequency conversion control (optional).

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