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HY Automatic folder gluer machine

◆ Automatic folder gluer machine consiste of three sections: vacuum feeding section, gluing & floding section , counter & stacker section. ◆ Adopt good quality inverter motor, inverter control the speed, PLC and touch screen control, easy operation and running stable. The maximum speed is 130meters/min, average speed 100meters/min. Energy conservation and High Speed, Saving …

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TMJ-A Automatic flute laminator

◆ The vacuum suction-type feeding system can lead the paper accurately into the machine;cycle stacking planes in a state of non-stop the next batch of paper stack well, so that more efficient. ◆ Using suction feeding automatic of bottom sheet, according to the main machine operating speed, continuous automatic tracking. ◆ The machine operation is …

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Automatic splicer machine

◆ Design speed 150 m / min. ◆ Suitable for the largest base paper diameter: 1500mm. ◆ with the Mill Roll Stand automatic tension control, high-speed access paper, a high success rate. ◆ paperless tail then the paper, to reduce the base paper loss (base paper overlap only with the tape with a width of …

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HYA-1400 Single cutter paper cutter

◆ Rational mechanical structure, rigidity is strong, stability is good, have long performance life. ◆ All operation control on the same side,easy to operate, the photoelectricity is counted. ◆ Cut the paper range to cut vertically for four times, crosscut 400mm-2400mm. ◆ Cut paper precision±2.5mm.

NC-150 Spiral knife cut off machine

◆  Max. design speed: Straight knives120m/min,Helical knives 150m/min. ◆  Effective width: 1400mm-2500mm. ◆  Length of cutting cardboard: 500-9999mm, Precision of cutting cardboard: ±1mm. ◆  Short diameter of knife shaft,high average speed better to improve the productivity. ◆  Transmission system adopts oil pump auto-Cyc lubricate. ◆  Exact and adjustable no gap gear assure knife-edge joggle exactly. …

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Paper sheet delivery and side conveyer

◆ Effective width: 1400mm-2200mm, Design Speed: 100m/min-180m/min ◆ Max. sheet length: 3000mm-3500mm. ◆ Automatic stack and collect cardboard. ◆ With electromotion transmit electric adjustment of back stop position ◆ Vertical meet cardboard adopt wide conveyer belt to transmit. ◆ The sheets or height of cardboard will be moved out by auto matic or switch …

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Paper sheet delivery and side conveyer

◆ Design speed:200-250m/min, Width:1800mm-2500mm ◆ Man-machine interface PLC automatic control, automatic switching of the heating plate number and size of the pressure to adapt to different kind of paper flute peak intact ◆ Heating plate is surface grinded and chrome-plated,Width 600mm.18-22 pieces chose ◆ Hot section adcpt hot plecte structure,according to the production of cardboard …

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HY-T Type Three-layer coating machine

◆ Design speed:200m/min ◆ Special line on the surface of the glue applicator roller,surface ane hard chrome palting,even glue supply,low cost. ◆ The glue applicator drived by frequency conversion motor with inverter. Keep the synchronization for glue applicator roller and double baker facer machine by inverter. And independent running. ◆ Electromotion adjustment display sizing amount …

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◆ Diameter of pre-heater roller:φ600mm,φ900mm, φ1000mm,φ1100mm. ◆ Effective width: 1400mm-2500mm ◆ Electromotion heating angle adjustment. Adjustable range of 360°,Two angle shsft optional increase cngle area. ◆ Surface of all rollers are well treated by grind and plated hard chrome,glabrous and durable. ◆ Adopt dishing seal or plat design. Insure reel paper be heated averagely. ◆ …

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