High Speed Rotary Die Cutting Machine ( Lead Feeder)

Function and characteristic:

◆ Roller type front feeding structure,rounds,multipoint suction feeding,high friction,high speed,paper feeding smoothly and accurate.

◆ Frequency conversion of suction can adjust the wind volume,and the wind pressure can be adjusted by the size of the paperboard,increase the thin board and the bend board

convey stability and accurately.

◆The feeding paper roller adopt pneumatic type elastic feeding paper, don’t destroy the strength of corrugated board

◆The machine gear are 40 cr forging, high frequency quenching treatment, grinding;Using spray type automatic lubrication, greatly improve the operation precision and service life.

◆The die cutting rubber mat imports from CUE company in United States,it’s easy to installation and transfer, the edge of the die cutting knife is smooth,the service life is long,it can

reach about 12 million times,greatly reduce the cost of the production.

◆ The die cutting rubber mat roller adopt mechanical horizontal shifter moving around 40 mm,the moving up and down of the cutting mold is control;ed of the pneumatic

device,prolong the service life of the rubber mat.

◆ Automatic line speed compensation,make the Youli rubber mat even wear,and equipped with rubber mat repair system,the rubber mat can be used multiple times.

◆ Paper feeding side baffle and the back block box are all controlled by computer and electric.

◆ Roller is made of high quality steel, internal conditioning, surface grinding, hard chromium plating, and dynamic balancing correction, smooth operation

◆ Die-cutting roller phase, phase adjustment adopts planetary gear type structure, PLC touch screen control and electric digital 360 degrees of adjustment.

◆ Import control system,Siemens 、Schneider low-voltage electrical appliances.


The Machine technique parameter:

Model unit 1200×2200/2400/2600 1400×2200/2400/2600 1600×2400/2600/2800
 Max cardboard size mm 1200×2000/2200/2400 1400×2000/2200/2400 1600×2200/2400/2600
 Min cardboard size mm 350×600 400×600 450×600
 Cardboard thickness mm 2-8 2-8 2-8
 Design speed pcs/min 160 160 160
 Economic speed pcs/min 80-140 80-140 80-120
 Max die cutting size mm 1200×1950/2150/2350 1400×1950/2150/2350 1600×2150/2350/2550
Attachment mould

roller diameter

mm ф360 ф432 ф487
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