HY-C Type medium speed printing slotting (four-mode die cutting)

Function and characteristic:

◆ Adopting front fixed Siamese leading edge paper feeding (economical)

◆ The whole machine wall panel adopts cast iron material with excellent anti-vibration performance, which ensures stable transmission and accurate gear meshing; and it is made by

high-precision machining center at one time to improve machine precision. Use the precision level to locate the alignment during installation.

◆ All drive shafts and rollers are made of high-quality steel. The high-precision dynamic balance adjustment and correction makes the machine transmission more stable. All the drive

shafts and rollers are polished and hard chrome-plated to increase the durability.

◆ The whole machine adopts keyless connection ring to eliminate the link gap and is suitable for long-term high-speed printing. The key transmission parts adopt imported NSK

precision bearings and have a long service life.

◆ Gear transmission adopts spray circulation lubrication oil supply system, double oil pump design, circulating oil supply, oil level automatic balance, no need to regularly drain oil, will

not cause oil spill phenomenon.

◆ Each unit of the whole machine adopts electric splitting, pneumatic locking, and automatic braking when separated to ensure a good printing position. (Note: Each unit of the machine

is equipped with a walking motor to move separately)

◆ The alarm is continuously ringed when the whole machine is shifted to ensure the safety of the operator.

◆ The machine uses the die-cutting method instead of the traditional slotting method, which can achieve the die-cutting effect without plate making.

Feeding unit:

◆ Adopt lead edge feeder. Wind absorbing can have the cardboard to be fed smoothly. The wind volume can be adjusted according to the

bending degree of the cardboard.(Can chose mechanical or Germany servo type)

◆ Start protecting device of the main motor: The main motor can not run until the platform is locked.

◆ Continuous feeding and skip feeding are optional.

◆ There are double rubber rollers for feeding with slot on the rubber surface to avoid high pressure.

◆ The side guides adopt electric control with date display. (Pneumatic aligning device can be added). The back guide is adjusted by electric

control while the front guide is adjusted manually.

◆ With brush and dust-absorbing blower, the printing quality will be improved.

◆ The electric counter is used to set up the production plan. When the production plan is completed, it will warn. (The touch screen can also

set up the production quantity as well as display).

Printing unit:

◆ With the pedal switch electrically control the printing roller to run clockwise or anticlockwise, we can have the printing plate quickly changed.

◆ The phase of printing roller can be electrically adjusted in 360°by PLC. Phase motor invoter control We can input the date according to

the error and adjust while the machine is running or stopped.

◆ The breadth wise movement of printing roller can be electrically adjusted by PLC. The adjust scope is ± 10mm.

◆ The phase fix device adopts cylinder brake. When the printing unit is open and being washed, the cylinder will brake all the gears and keep

them in the original location.

◆ The anilox roller is controlled by pneumatic and automatic go up or down synchronously with the cardboard feeding system. (When the

cardboard is fed, the anilox rollers of printing unit will automatic go down to touch the printing roller. When the feeding is stopped, the anilox

roller will automatic go up to separate from the printing roller.)

◆ The pneumatic diaphragm pumps are used for inking. The ink circulates automatically. We should have the water circulated when washing

the printing unit.

◆ With the “Memory” function on the touch screen, after washing the printing plate, we can have the printing roller to run back to the

original position.

Slotting unit:

◆ With pre-creasing wheels for prevent the cardboard rupture while creasing.

◆ There are knives on same plate,the height of the carton adopt PLC and electric input data adjustment.touch screen control.

◆ The phase of the slotting unit adopt PLC and electric 360°adjust, accord the error to input the adjust data,can be adjusted while the

machine running or stop.

◆ The slotting knives and the creasing wheels horizontal moving adopt electric synchronous adjustment.PLC with touch screen adjustment,

input the size of the carton into the touch screen,will automatic adjusting.

◆ Creasing space and knife roller space adjustment adopt self-locking structure.

◆ The carton height adjustment have a anticollision device for the slotting knives,will not destroy the machine.

◆ An anticollision device is used while the slotting knife plate horizontal moving.( Electronic formula)

◆ The slotting knives is sawtooth, adopt alloy steel material and after heat treatment and grinded, more hardwearing and sharp-edged. Two-

piece type cutting knives, sharp-edged and high precision.The breadth is 7mm.

◆ The hole and handle tool as an option.

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